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Top 10 items to bring on a Mountain Skills course

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Here are 10 recommended items to bring on a Mountain Skills course. They are as follows:

Basic weather proof clothing

There is nothing worse that feeling completely wet when hiking, so I would highly recommend getting a good breathable rain jacket and trousers. They will make your whole experience so much better and you friends will like you more as you won’t be grumpy.

Suitable walking clothing

Equally, having nice breathable under garments are vital. A good warm fleece, breathable t-shirt and of course a nice pair of suitable underwear, not the type you might wear to a disco!! Another word of advice is when physically hiking, it  is a good idea not to wear cotton jeans or t-shirts as these items will retain the moisture next to your skin and make you feel very cold especially when it is windy and raining.

Hat and gloves

You might not think it, but these simple little items will be your best friend on the mountains. Definitely throw in an extra set of them just in case there is heavy rain or maybe you could become a hero in the eyes of someone in the group as you pass off your spares to help them.


Do you love your back? Well, if your answer is yes, then I would highly recommend getting a comfortable rucksack that has nice supports for your shoulder and waist. Make sure it is the appropriate size for your outing and that you are not carrying the kitchen sink!!

Good walking boots with ankle support
Having good walking boots with proper ankle supports will not only make your experience all the more comfortable but they will also protect you from spraining or breaking your ankle as you walk over uneven terrain.

A watch for timing
A watch is an extremely important tool that we use in navigational techniques and believe it not, it can help you calculate how fast you are walking and also help you estimate your approximate time of arrival. A valuable piece of equipment in our eyes!  

Laminated map of area
It goes without saying, that you need to know where you are going on the mountains and without a map, you can get horribly lost. How to use a map is equally important, so make sure you have the basic understanding of what a map is about and I promise it will be your best friend.

A compass – preferably a Silva Type 4 Expedition

What a magnificent navigational tool this is, but beware, treat your compass with no respect and you will find yourself in an episode of Lost!! With a lot of TLC (Tender Loving Care) this is a superb instrument that can accurately bring you front point A to B in the most adverse weather conditions.  

Head torch
Imagine trying to find your way around a mountain on a wet and windy night without a head torch! Not work thinking about really, so make sure you have this great piece of equipment that you can have nestled in your rucksack whenever you need it. However, make sure your batteries actual work as there is nothing more embarrassing than talking up your head torch to your friends and then lights out!!! 

Food and water

Burger, chips and a can of coke please! Definitely not my recommendation for an enjoyable mountain experience. You need to think healthy with good nutritional food that will provide you with sustenance as you will be burning off loads of energy as you hike. Don’t forget to drink water also, as it is quite easy to get dehydrated even in a wet environment like  Ireland. So my advice is, eat good and drink lots of water.  

*If you are planning to take a Mountain Skills training course with us and are unable to acquire some or any of the above recommended list, please feel free to contact us and we will try to facilitate you the best we can.

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